The apprenticeship that the Priory offer is for all staff — they give everyone an equal opportunity.

Shauna joined Priory Bristol as a Healthcare Assistant before working her way up to a senior role. Her journey is a great example of the incredible opportunities to progress that are available to you in the South West. You can find out more about Shauna’s journey — and what she loves about working at Priory Bristol — in this video.


We’ve developed an unrivalled reputation for delivering a real and lasting difference for everyone who uses our services. We treat more than 70 different conditions through a network of over 300 facilities which support the people in our communities.

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About the South West

From Gloucester down to the Isles of Scilly, we cover an area of 22,000km² and a population of five million people. The south west has something for every lifestyle. We can offer picturesque countryside or city living, with sandy beaches along the coast and stunning moorland in the Dartmoor National Park. Bristol has a thriving creative scene and our universities are some of the best in the world.

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